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Life is hard, and it always will be. That is a fact. It throws you around and around. Tears you up. Chews you up and spits you back out.

We often take this in and wonder why we are even here if this is all that we get.

But it’s not.

We will always suffer in life, and that is inevitable, so find the things worth suffering for.

Maybe it is going out to the movies with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The laughter and popcorn that fills the air. The way that you look at each other and giggle after every funny scene.

Or just maybe it’s the way the quiet library welcomes you back after a long day at work. The wonderful smell of old books and the silent adventures filling the shelves with wonder.

Or quite possibly it is the soft head of a sleepy kitty that quietly sneaks up to rub on you as a silent “I missed you”.

It could be the shared secrets with your bestest friends. Sitting together around a fire with blankets and stories. And for just a moment, forgetting about all of life’s troubles as you fill your mind with new memories.

life is hard, but living doesn’t have to be.

Love hard, laugh as much as you can, take chances, chase your dreams, and never give up on what makes you want to live.

If it works for you, then don’t worry about what anyone else does. Find your happy moments, and have many of them.

whatever it takes to make life liveable, do it.

personally, it’s my friends.

I spend as much time as I can with them.

Fires, parties, school clubs, coffee dates, anything that I can do with the people I love and cherish.

Making memories with my favorite people makes me want to tackle another day. It shows me that they love and care about me and that they will help push me when I can’t do it myself. It gives me hope and makes me feel like I can get through it all.

My best friends are important to me, and I quite literally could not live without them. What they have taught me is amazing. I have become a better human being, always gotten advice,  and have never been alone.

My closest friend is my family, blood or not. She has offered me nothing but kindness and support. She keeps me grounded, and she is my anchor. She has my back when life’s storms are blowing me away.

find that missing piece.
find that joy.
find your anchor.


make life livable



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  1. Stacia Stall 1 year ago

    Find your anchor! Such good advice, additionally its’ important to remember that sometimes the things that make life worth living change over time, and that’s ok too.
    @dedicateddreamer 😉

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