I tried to grab the fog but I mist. Funny pun? Yes. How many of us try to grab onto the fog in our lives? I’m honestly raising my hand on this.

We just think we have to have whatever it is at this very moment. We have been spoiled by get it now and pay for it later. Patience is not celebrated as part of endurance; except we see that is the only way to develop enough self-control to get to a goal of any kind. Hey, I get it. Easier said than done, right? It really is.

master plan

We think we can start a business without a plan. Or when statistical data shows it takes 3-5 years to really see if the business will be able to sustain itself. Many businesses close just before then because of either impatience or no demand in the area that they tried. If you think you can run a triathlon and not train yourself to prepare for it and you think that you will be in the top 5, think again. Do you think you can fight MMA without knowing several styles of martial arts? I don’t think you are going to get very far on just street fight scraping. We think we can part our own red sea with our sticks before first crying out to God, we may get drowned.

All of those are obtainable, but it doesn’t just happen. As we may remember as in the case of icebergs, what you see on the outside, underneath takes years and years of being built up, learning, growing, successes and failures. We have to work from the ground up sometimes. Be brought to a place of being on our knees, in order to see something a different way. I used to fear hurdles, but I got over it… HA HA HA!

When the temptations are all around that we aren’t enough, have enough, or good enough is becoming that great force that weighs us down from the possibilities. No wonder many of us fall down, (include me here.) No one wants to struggle, but it is in the struggle we find viable solutions and reasons to keep going. Through the lacks and sadnesses everyone experiences, good can be made of it and show just the possibilities that can happen.

We had a funny kind of joke in my house about patience, or the lack of it. My children got it naturally and honestly from both sides. I was so quick to just say no to struggling with something that I wasn’t naturally good at it. I mean really, who else does that? I know from experience you don’t get far thinking like that. Let alone live a full life like that. You have to endure something in order to see the success and blessings in that struggle. You have to push your limits in whatever you do. Really, I found that I truly did have patience, just at times, the other side will show up.

I have a friend that at my age, let’s say 40 something, tried roller derby. She learned valuable life lessons on being as tiny as she was, to see just how strong she could be. Maybe her team didn’t win a lot of tournaments. Maybe she did injure herself. The struggle in training with skating tricks, working out, and being flung through bigger blockers has made her know what her limits are, so she can be more fearless.

I have friends that have pains caused by Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, and cancer that I’m amazed by their faith in the midst of their struggle. Though they are down in pain one minute, they are still reaching out to help others, lift them up, and comfort those that are going through other sorts of pain.

This redhead has had her share of heartaches, disappointments, unfairness, judgments against her, sadness, and shame. I kept myself mediocre throughout my youth just to get by without too much notice or fuss made. I was scared of what others thought of me, their opinions, and that me being me wasn’t enough. With all of that, I still got my fair share of bullies and people freely sharing their thoughts on me. I didn’t believe real love was possible. I raised three boys on my own because their father wanted to quit on life. I was brought pretty low. The fog was around me and at times pretty friendly since it hid me. I found comfort and yet strength because I had to get out of the fog, the mist, and the rain to see what was possible. If for no other reason today, I will give my voice for encouragement, love, goodness, and compassion.

FOR ME, coming back to knowing Jesus as my Savior changed all that. I’ve always seemed to have known he existed for me. I’ve made bad decisions in my life. I didn’t always lead a life of “God first”. I had judgments and beliefs that didn’t help me succeed. Most of my hardships were due to me or what I allowed someone else the power of me. I can rely on him that saved me with his sacrifice, his suffering, and his grace. I have seen transformations of those that were locked into drug abuse, alcoholism, self-obsessions/abused, not enough, poor, rich, famous, and insecure people truly being renewed. It is not a crutch. It’s not a religion. The only strength I know is through believing in God and trusting him in ALL things that pick me up.

I hope you are not one to blame God when you are brought low or sad. Yet, we’ve pushed the Creator out of everything because we are afraid of what someone might think or be offended at. The wonders of this universe are too brilliant to not see that a loving Creator brought it together and not just a chemical fart that made things as they are today. Science can explain some things, but not everything. Whether universal laws or theories, just know the difference. Theories haven’t been proven true or it would be a universal law. Maybe you don’t agree 100% and that is your choice. I just know it took time and patience to get the right setting for living beings to develop.

no need to force

I DO NOT think forcefulness is necessary on any front or side of the matter. That’s why we carry the freedom of choice so proudly. There are still those that are forced to believe one way or the other, that’s not what this was all destined for. It is for those to willingly come to know God through a relationship. We all know or should know by now, all relationships take time, endurance, commitment, hardships, and loss just like our dreams, goals, and desires. Hmm, must have a common thread. Diverting from the mist is not just chasing dreams and catching them never to release the blessing it was meant to have. We don’t have to waste not one of the seven days being forceful towards one another. Not even wasting one minute out of the day we are given in force. We can put one foot in front of the other and make the best out of the day as possible. Lifting up hurting people.

Be one that takes courage in the face of trouble, looks at the mountain and climbs it knowing you will not fall and sees that tears may fall but joy will come back. In this world, we will have pain and struggle, whether or not we are a believer, we don’t have to give up hope. The world is imperfect and incomplete, but we are loved. If you need encouragement and I hope you know I am encouraging you, find something good in life to focus on. Do not sit idly by waiting for the mist to divert from your path. Use that as a reason for you to move out of the fog or mist in your life. I don’t care what you’ve done or how far you’ve fallen, there is hope, faith, and encouragement to know YOU are loved. YOU can accomplish great things with just choosing love. The greatest strength I’ve seen start forgiveness, love, compassion, and knowing you are not junk. I hope we can be unified in spreading more love and compassion instead of right or wrong.

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