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So, we battled through a separation, court appearances, and a difficult divorce. My hopes to start afresh someplace new we’re keeping me going. Janus was strongly opposed to me taking the children and relocating, and I understood that. But, it came to me saying it exactly how it is, I’d remained in the area for over five years from our separation, Janus had met a new partner, I could no longer continue giving so much, I needed to live in an environment that soothed me and I longed for the opportunity for total autonomy and freedom.

I felt I’d done what I came here to do, and I had learned what I needed to learn, and my mission here was now complete. I had paid off my house and enjoyed searching properties in desirable locations on the internet. There was this one house I adored. It was pink, and it totally captured my heart. It was in a beautiful location in between mountains, rainforests and only 20 mins drive from the beach.

Even though my desire to move onward was strong, there was still so much against me. Janus was still unshakeable, I had another year left on my lease at the yoga studio, and I was reluctant to leave my parents, who had been trying to sell their motel for seven years.

Who knew at the time that all the tension, suffering and irritability I felt was trying to polish this diamond. It’s not my way to discredit or speak ill of anyone, we all have our path to follow. My journey is not unlike any of our experiences, loss, failure, disappointment, tragedy, sadness and despair.

each person and experience come along with an opportunity for learning and growth.

For it was in my darkest times when everything seemed against me that I was pushed to refine and pursue my path.

Well, it’s so amazing how things can turn around so quickly. I stood up to Janus and said I’m going, that I deserved a fresh start and I am leaving no matter what. It took him only two hours to look me in the eyes and grant me my freedom. He even said this ‘you are the best mother for my children, you’re a wonderful person with a good heart, and it’s a credit what you’ve done in the community, with your house, you totally deserve to move towards your dreams.’

Also, out of the blue an investor put it an offer to buy my parents motel, I received a note under my front door from an interested buyer for my home and a lady offered to take over my yoga business.


Miracle after miracle. All the attachments that held me down, were now being released one by one ever so effortlessly. I was in total awe of this new energy and for the first time in many, many years I began to breathe deep with relief and excitement of new beginnings.

the path was opening up, the way was revealing itself in accordance with my courage to evolve and I was so grateful.

The time had come to take a trip and inspect some houses in my chosen location, for the glorious northern rivers of NSW was calling me. Guess what? I bought the pink house. Can you believe it? After dreaming about this house for eight months, it was now mine. I bought it outright. That’s right. And, of course, it has a space for a yoga studio at home. All so perfect.

Those goals I had written and that vision board I had created had manifested into my life, even better than I thought possible. We relocated to our dream home in a brand new area, with mountains views, green rolling hills, trees, birds, and waterfalls.

My children settled in beautifully into their new school, making new friends easily from day one. Our dear cat and guinea pig made our home complete. And, an opportunity arose for me to
work in a bright and funky hippie shop a few times a week which I love.

For the first six months, I just sat here on my deck and cried. I was just so grateful, and I still am. I continue to teach yoga and meditation, but now from my private home studio and occasional retreats.

my life has become a meditation

I surround myself with all things beautiful, sacred and peaceful. Nature, animals, music, books, art and my fascination with the night sky. And, when things get rocky, as they do for all of us from time to time,

I just sit
I breathe deep
I surrender and just be.

I am truly so grateful that yoga found me. I encourage you to explore this ancient practice, perhaps you will find something beautiful, a precious jewel within. Maybe you won’t take on teacher training, but maybe you will find love and peace in your soul, and in doing that, you’ve given a wonderful gift to yourself, your life and to our world.

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be” ~Oprah Winfrey

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