Before the day has a chance to start – clear your own mind and thoughts. Before reacting to the latest news, trend, Facebook post, or movement center yourself in love, respect, dignity, and enthusiasm.

Treating others with dignity and respect as you would want to have is more than just a golden rule. It really is the only way to be a person of value in this life. With these qualities alone can change our lives for the better. Think for one minute before sounding off if that is something you would accept someone doing to you.

Though we live in the ego based world of what is in this life for me, it is nice to take a step back and reach out to another struggling soul. Put back the I’s and see the biggest picture of all. In this ever growing vast universe we are all but specs of dust in comparison.  If only we can wake up and realize.

Now understand that in all this loving talk, I’m well aware that there are those that have no intentions of helping themselves, they are manipulation experts, and they are twisted in their approach to someone else. Be aware and alert to inquiring minds. We all have egoistic natures and survival instincts. Most of us have a conscious too that goes beyond our egoistic self. If we learn to tap into this knowledge of understanding how it all works together we will be better off in our approaches to others. 

You can choose to not give to cents to any of these thoughts shared in this forum. Which would have a negative affect on our understanding of someone else. You can choose to pour out waters of love into fires of hate. We go about our days of automation of doing everything after our eyes opens, with a million thoughts being generated even before we wake up and we forget to treat passers by with respect and dignity. Dare I say, even if the passers by don’t treat you the same?

There will always be those that combat good natures in a soul.  Maybe it is that they don’t understand all it took for that person to remain in good natures. But with one act of respect or dignity you show, even to the combatants in life, it is possible to make ripples where there once was dry lands. It takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving in a world so different from that.

With an enthusiastic Yes! Know yourself! Not what has been marketed to us to know but what our inner most being craves is what needs to be shared. It must start within FIRST, to go out from you to help others. Do you think being blessed doesn’t come through struggle? It doesn’t always come naturally folks. Getting over our egos can be when we are down and on our knees without a clue. That kind voice that says give it another try. When we listen can bring us to our greatest blessing. Doesn’t happen over night. If it did I would have shared this a long time ago. Struggles come through pain, loss, despair, desperation, panic, depression, even some desires that are not good for us. If you ask for respect, be respectful. If you ask for a love in your life, be lovable. If you ask for a career goal, work for it with all your might. If you were born with talents, use them. If you want skills, learn them from experts. Pretty much anything you search outside of yourself still has to start in you. No excuses and no need to complain! If it doesn’t start with you and your attitude, nothing will or can change for you.  

We are all in this life together, we might as well learn and keep learning what respect and dignity is for ourselves and others. Dance or play to your own music, with your own beat. Also be willing to be in harmony with those that join in to play.

A time for every purpose under the heavens!


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