Hi. My name is Emma and I am a recovering Republican. But, still a Republican. I grew up in a middle class, working family and was a day shy of being able to vote for George W. Bush in 2004. It took a toll on me. I voted McCain before he was cool and I voted Romney even after his scandal of I believe about the 46%? Something like that, right?  2016 I campaigned for Bernie and ended up voting for Jill Stein. Election night 2016 I was ridiculed to the point of tears by a local Democrat and was told I was to blame for Trumps win and just the other week I was told by a friend I’ve known for years that I was not respected anymore for the simple fact that I was registered Republican.

What the fuck, man? I feel in the middle. I’d like to think of myself of a level headed person when it comes to politics. I love hearing both sides of the argument and then making a call based on morality and ethics I live by… Try to live by.
I’ll just go by “Center” now. I have no place anymore in either party. Each party has their extremists and the extremists over power everyone else right now. The extremist on both sides have more in common than they think and it will be the down fall of this nation for their lack of the acknowledgement to that fact.

the extremist on both sides have more in common than they think

The mere fact that a person running for county commissioner in my own town belittles and cussed at those who disagree with her very hard left politics tells me everything. So against Trump, but they play the same game. Everyone is playing the same game and it’s getting us nowhere. To realize that both parties have earned us our recent dilemmas is an understatement and is being overlooked by most. Who was the perfect president? Just a good mix? Your peanut farmer President. A southern democrat. A good mix because his administration was within the changing over of what Republicans and Democrats were and what their parties were defined of.  WWJD…What Would Jimmy Do?

This is probably a written piece many will disagree with. I am probably wrong about some things. It’s ok. My opinion is mine and mine only. I could be right about something, though?

No one will read this and that’s ok. Like many in this country, I just want to put it out there without my Facebook notifications going off and my comment section being flooded with “you’re wrong” entries.

PLUR 2020

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