Standing next to him in court was my biggest fear, and when I stood up, I said so fucking clear, This man has tried to kill me. He’s the reason I can’t sleep nor eat. The devil himself, here, can’t you see, I don’t think I feel safe with him on the streets, he says he will always come searching for me. 

I don’t believe it, I am not scared, this man is a piece of shit who deserves tears in his asshole, from men just like him, Judge, I beg of you to keep him locked in a prison cell, to rot and to die. I had to do something so horrid the guilt makes me cry, makes me weep and moan, ask why.. why

Life’s too precious, it cannot thrive with a mother whom abhors it, for she’s got his eyes, his lips, maybe even his mind. I could not bear to take this risk, there’s too many cells that are already sick. 

So make him pay for what he has done: He’s stolen from me, life that hasn’t begun its’ journey through this world, one it will never know, as I decided to let her go. I need restitution beyond green cotton, these scars inflicted shall never be forgotten. 


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