I lacked clarity, I had buckets of doubt and worry I was dragging around especially around finances. Or baggage as heavy as a mother’s suitcase of 4 boys and herself…. which is heavy don’t you know. I thought some other person might help me carry it. I thought myself to be rich in other ways other than necessarily financially. So, there was a lack and limiting mindset I grew up with. Not that I hated it because it was easy to connect with those who struggled as much as I did with finances. A kindship space that most people realistically deal with complaining and complacency to easily share with each other. 

Now, I didn’t hate those that were successful. I think it was jealousy masked with self-righteous. For me, it was better to struggle for someone to be truly humble. I feel struggle within me when I try to talk about it or agree with those that are on the unlimited mindset. I know many owners of businesses that started from the bottom and became great. There is nothing wrong with hard work and endurance. There is something wrong with the mindset of I’m jealous because I didn’t get that and I worked just as hard.  Also, something wrong with thinking huh I’m better than the rich person I deserve better. Not realizing those complacent and complaining conversations without real action was also preventing blessings from happening. These are the kind of thinking that prevents us from our own blessings. That is not humility that is self-righteousness. Being gracious and thankful for what you are given if forgotten to do will take away your blessing faster than you received it. There is nothing wrong with desiring a better life.

Of course, I started by looking outside myself for solutions, after all, we are trained to do just this through our education system and ego loves to revert back to our conditioning. This approach just wasn’t working. It wasn’t helping at all. In fact, it was making it worse!

I quickly realized what I was doing. I was trying to be someone I’m not. I was trying to dim down so that I could fit into a box that ego said, “This is more palatable to other people.” I didn’t ask God to show me what to do. I was willingly following the ways of the world and my own ego that I could get out of it alone. Getting caught up in what others viewed as ‘having it all’. God is an unlimited God and through Christ, we are His children. We emulate what He is as we drawn close to Him.

Money is just a tool not the be all and end all. Side note, I still am a bit of a minimalist by choice to keep me unbound by stuff, but my life is still full.

God sends us the knowledge, talents, and skillsets to use to thrive. He wants far more for us than what we think. Not that we deserve anything, just because he loves us. He loves it especially when we withdrawal with him in private. Shifts do happen! Things that used to matter (ways of the world and ego-driven desires) don’t matter. Things that do matter is where blessings overtake you. It can be small, little things that you do without even knowing you are doing to the bigger things and everything in between. Do not count it all lost what you do and the impact it truly has.

God says to me to look to Him (trust Him) for He is too big for that box we try to put Him in. He has never left me without and I have seemed to always pull through whatever struggle I was hit with financially or otherwise with my Heavenly Father’s help. It is a humble heart is who God wants to bless. This comes through endurance, serving others, and lessons learned that will bring about His Glory automatically. When we walk intimately with him.

I no longer have time to show up in ways that do not serve me. I can only be who I am through the great I AM. 

Learning lessons in life come to some at great costs. Before you get caught in the great cost take some small advice. 

  • It does take believing that you were made to succeed! You CAN do it because God wants you to! A great Creator made you, you exist, and the time is NOW! Look to God FIRST!
  • A willingness to learn, be taught, research, trials, and plenty of prayers to get the right fit for you. This isn’t always an overnight thing. Even the most talented child out there still started out the same way you did.  
  • Understand what endurance is with the pressures that will happen. 
  • Do not be over consumed with what something looks like to others or your own ego that you are better than others. We are all on different levels in life, yet where ever we are is a chance for His glory to work through you. Stay humble and let others lift your name. 
  • Do not forget even the small things you do, it really does matter. It doesn’t matter if your workload is so many small detail stuff that may get overlooked normally oh let me tell you, you are still doing a great thing that helps and assists in the bigger picture things. Even if you don’t see it at the time. 
  • Earning an income is the primary responsibility of every living adult. Loving what you do is part of the earning an income that has your capabilities of whatever your talents and skills are at the moment.  
  • It would be ideal for teaching yourself or finding a teacher to hone in on your talents at a young age should be sought after beyond the reasonings of an education system. I know there are many people willing to teach those that are willing to learn. 
  • Learning budgeting IS important. 
  • Seek what truly matters not just monetary stuff. 
  • Learn how to balance enjoying what you have and sharing with others is like learning to fish and teaching others to fish so they can also eat.  
  • Rest! Be still at times to gain a better perspective, bigger picture and be authentic to God and yourself. 
  • No one person is an island unto themselves, it takes your talents mixed with others to really see something huge happen.  
  • Compassion for yourself AND others. It is difficult and it is part of endurance we all must be reminded of. 
  • You will not always be right. Be willing to concede especially if you are just seeking your own ‘rightness’ in hurting someone else. 
  • Never quit learning, even during retirement years… Try something new. 
  • Keeping PRAYING and seeking some time alone. Rest again to listen and not just hear yourself talk.  

It is NOT impossible no matter where you are in life. I doubt no longer! Only Buckets of Blessings I see. 

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