blank page - new yr

Dear God,

Thank you for another twenty-four hour installment of life. I hope that my heart was genuine and that my mind was mindful.

Thank you for the moments of contentment, for the moments of peace. These moments mean the world to me, these moments keep my sanity intact.

Thank you for the trying moments, for the dark moments. These moments make me that much more thankful for the content ones. They keep me grounded in a state of appreciation.

Thank you for my family and friends. These gorgeous souls are the reasons for everything good that’s installed into my programming.

Thank you for the strange humans that make my days interesting and for the humans I have yet to meet. I’m sure they’ll be a hoot too.

Thank you for the creative legends that brought life into the songs that aid in calming the nightly cerebral storms and anxiety sprinkled days.

Thank you for junk food, lattes, thunderstorms and old movies.

Thank you for allowing me the honor of finding my place amidst a blank notebook and black ink pen.

thank you for my past, present, and future.

Thank you for never giving up on me, for never allowing my flame to completely die out. So many times I came close to leaving this place, hand in hand with the Angel of Death.

I pray that you look over those who are feeling lost, broken or nearly gone. That you protect those who are battling against the evil monsters of depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Look after those whose heads are spinning with dark thoughts and past demons. Show those who are being bullied and outcasted that these bad days happen for good reasons. These reasons may not be visible just yet, but they are in existence.

I pray that the unwanted know that they’re loved.

I pray that all of the freaks, misfits, broken, and damaged hearts out there know that an odd puzzle piece is searching for them, just have patience.

I pray that when a reflection is sought in the mirror, beauty is seen.

I pray that this world one day accepts that differences are what make it go round. That differences are what creates change. Change creates growth and growth creates strength.

being different is beautiful, being different is exciting, being different is essential.

I pray that the hungry are fed, that the unemployed find employment. I pray that homeless humans get back on their feet and that homeless animals find loving homes.

I pray that the day comes where we no longer find it entertaining in posting private info or bash others on social media. That we use that type of outlet for positive, humorous and informative posts.

so here’s to a wonderful, adventure-filled new year. here’s to once again commencing with the countdown, closing out this 2017 chapter and turning to the fresh blank page of 2018. pen in hand and I am ready, are you?

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