For the last several years in the blogger world, a really trendy thing to do was to pick a “word for the year” starting in January. This word becomes your guide and your focus for what you want to accomplish or remember. I don’t think this is a bad practice by any means; I actually believe that if the word has true value to your life or personal development, it’s probably a good idea, like a tiny compass towards true north.

When it came to 2015, I was starting to think of some different words that could guide me, and then I stopped. I stopped because I realized if I was “googling” and trying to think of a word to guide me, instead of having a word already in my mind or heart, then my intention wasn’t right.

About that same time, I came across this quote that just completely stopped me in my tracks,

Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

“Intent” is one of my life words. It’s one of the words that I want to guide everything I do for my whole life. Because most of what we do has nothing to do with intent. Instead, most of what we do is out of habit, and a lot of the time they are even BAD habits.

Why do you drink coffee every day? Oh because you didn’t get enough sleep and you’re addicted to caffeine (bad habit). Why are you always running late? Oh because you pressed snooze ten times or didn’t even set an alarm (bad habit).

So, in that moment I had this epiphany I was no longer going to let bad habits guide me, so I made a commitment to change one bad habit right then and be more intentional. Nothing happens by accident. People that are physically fit, exercise. People that are well-read, read books. People that are great parents spend time with their kids. These things don’t happen by accident; they happen by intent.

If you want to see a difference in your life TODAY, I challenge you to, “live less out of habit and more out of intent.” Start by changing one thing and see the power of intent.

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