super girl

My whole life, at least all that I can remember of it, I have been outgoing and confident.

an extrovert if you will…

I have been told I am bold. I have never been afraid to walk up to literally anyone and have a conversation; to share my opinions on a matter such as equality (in any regard) or kindness to pets or anything I felt strongly about. I have a fierce love for those I care for and will come to anyone’s rescue who is being wronged. Most people who know me know this. It’s in my nature.

What you may not know however is that for many years under all of that was a scared little girl…

insecure and embarrassed by her dominant and confident attributes

Worried that she would be seen as obnoxious or annoying, intense or pushy. Scared that there was something different about herself. Well… you want to know what? She is different, unique even. And finally, she woke up one day ready to be the hero she needed as a little girl. For myself and others who cannot or do not feel like that have a voice. It finally became apparent that even if others saw me as intense or obnoxious it’s my good intentions and warm heart that matter. I promised myself a while back I was going to change the world, that I was going to help others with my strong attributes.

I am going to be my own damn superhero.
I know I am going change the world. And you can too.

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  1. TK Dennis 1 year ago

    I know you can change the world too!

    Great post Jess!

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