A lot of people struggle with trying to fit in or mend themselves to conveniently go with society’s standards and labels. It happens a lot of the time with younger people, who are still growing. They try their hardest to grow into the mold that has been laid out for them to fit into.

But do they really want that? Do any of us honestly want to be what someone else says we should?

The answer is obvious. We all desperately want to freely show ourselves, but we hold back in fear of being too much or not enough. We’re afraid of not being liked for what we are, but we are uncomfortable as we are liked for everything that we are not. We are too frightened to stop being the “fake show” that we put on because everyone seems to like it so much. We grow accustomed to being what we “should” be, and we lose touch with everything that we could have been, and if society didn’t shame us so much, what we would have been.

This doesn’t do us any good at all. It doesn’t do anyone good, actually. It dims the beautiful light that could be shining so gloriously on the world. Holding back all of your wonderful possibilities is such a sad thing to see. You could be so much more than you allow yourself to be. You don’t have to be known for your looks just because you are beautiful. If you want to study and express your wonderful intelligence through learning then do it, and do it proudly. Just because you have the perfect blonde hair and blue eyes does not mean you have a contract to be a stereotypical popular cheerleader. If you are the quiet girl in the back of the class who just wants to let out her voice and belt out the highest notes, then, by all means, do it.

you are not what you are told to be.

You are not what others see you as. You are you and nobody else can decide who that is but you.

Join the club that interests you. Just because you don’t hang out with the science nerds does not mean that you can’t join their club and do something that is part of who you see in yourself. If you like watching the basketball team shoot hoops, and you find yourself wishing that you were with them, do it.

If a voice inside your head is whispering to you about:

how you “cannot”.
how you are “not meant to”.
how you “would not be welcomed”.
how you are “not allowed to”.

Tell it to fuck off.

you can be absolutely anything that you want.

Chase your dreams. Follow your heart. Express yourself in ways you feel comfortable. Do not hold back just to fit in, or be what you think others would like.

Who are they? Screw them. You are perfect however you choose to be, and nobody can change that whether they agree with it or not.

Go out and do something for yourself.

Get that job, ask that person out, wear that shirt.

Do not stop living and loving that life in order to please anyone else. You will not be happy making other people happy. The only way to be in a good place with yourself is to be satisfied with your life.

live the life that you want and to do it without even a hint of shame.

Wear your personality like a crown.


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