don't be mean


It is a conman’s self defense for humans to pick at others in order to feel more comfortable with themselves.

Some might think they can wear a crop top because the girl in their history class does, and she is overweight.

Or that their makeup can’t be that bad if the other girl has terrible eyeliner or bad blending.

It might be that they just insult everyone to feel better about their insecurities, or maybe just in their head they compete.

Walking down the hall confidently, loving yourself and knowing you look amazing is different than being cocky.

When you walk down the hall and think of how everyone looks bad compared to you and how you are so much prettier…

That is not a good mindset.

You have lost all positivity. All you have done is taken your own hate and are throwing it onto others.

Do not turn self love into hating everyone else.

Don’t make being content with who you are into being egotistical.

Be kind and love everyone.

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