Art makes us feel something, and that’s why it is so beautiful. 

Well, maybe it doesn’t give us new feelings necessarily. We sometimes believe that it does, but it’s more than that.

Art is full of emotion when it is created. 

The emotion in the art reminds us of feelings we once had. It brings old feelings back out and causes us to realize and accept current feelings.

Art tells a story. And we can relate to those stories, causing us to feel something magical, or painful, or confusing…

Music fills our ears and causes us to hear what we understand.. feelings that we know. 

The love songs make those newly weds cry in the car on the way to work because they are suddenly hearing how lucky they are to have found the one who will always love them. 

And they make the heartbroken souls cry as they reminisce on what it felt like to be loved or dream about what it could be like. 

Pictures make us see where we have been. 

The dark painting displaying a cold and lonely soul makes the hurt feel their pain surface as they accept that they too are in that place of despair… 

The painting of a drowning boy makes a connection with the kid who can’t get out of the depression he is in, drowning more every day.

Art makes us feel, but it doesn’t create the reasons why we feel that way.

It shows us what we have been afraid to say… what we have been afraid to hear.

Art is expression. Emotion. Love. Hurt. Fear.

Art is not just what we see or hear… it’s being able to make a personal connection to someone else’s story through words, paintings, and music.

Right now you’ve made a connection to this writing. 

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but whether you thought of a song that makes you cry or a film.. or maybe that book that you can’t seem to stop going back to…

You have some type of art that no matter how scary it is, causes you to feel something that you haven’t let out.

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