With so many being lost not finding hope we internalize so much. We seek things outside of us and even going inside of us it still doesn’t seem to be “right” within us. I’ve been there… If you are empty inside and cannot connect to Jesus first nothing will fill you. Nothing you buy. Nothing you attain. No group connection. Nothing you do. Until you search out for God you will be empty. You were created to be in communication with a Creator. You can pretend if you want to… go ahead… Fight it if you want to. I did too. That is YOUR choice! As is mine to know this. Yes, things need to change! 

We are still rebelling against the wrong One. It is the society ‘the world’ that goes against the goodness of humanity covered in darkness. The world that seeks to destroy our true peace is what we should be against. 

When you scoff at people for doing wrong, then you do something ethically wrong don’t be so surprised when you get scoffed at. Surprise! The world will scoff either way. Are you supposed to be the world or are you supposed to be as uniquely made as your fingerprint suggests?

Our focus is still taken away from the One source that it may need to be refocused again. I get it, I lost my focus and listened to naysayers only to be back in a bottomless pit of despair and fake happiness. I’ve been through things that would shake many people’s faith. I’ve been in communication and out of communication with God and yes, I do know the difference. It becomes evident in myself and my own outlook on life. 

This may sound difficult to hear. It may not be what you want to hear. You may dismiss me or hate me for this. You may even just roll your eyes and shake your head. I’m a parent so, I’m used to that.

Freewill means we have a choice. Maybe not from the repercussions of a choice.  Choices from the beginning of all human beings we took things that were perfect and freely given into hardships, greed, and hatred. All based on where our hearts are during our freewill choices are made. 

It’s not rocket science to see that so many choose a fast and easy path only to be let down so far that it tears at your soul. Same with idolizing people just because they are wealthy, beautiful/handsome, powerful, or crude can seemingly cut at your spirit. Is there instead, someone that you know that sacrifices their time for the betterment of a community? Is there someone you know that “went through hell and back” and shared what they learned. These are the ways to look up to, but not idolize them. 

If you aren’t walking on the right path there will be caution signs along the way, but only you can figure them out for yourself. They were hard to see at first to me as well. I cannot say they were never there, it just took time for me to envision it clear enough to follow it. When I did heed the warning and caution signs things opened up, made sense, and filled me with greater purpose. I say it took a willingness on my part to practice every day. 

Simply put – gravity is a law we don’t see the gravity pull but we can see what gravity does. The air we breathe is but a vapor. Yet, we breathe naturally. As human beings are made up of 60% water and the earth is at 70% are vital to us to have clean water and keep the planet’s water clean in a replenishing amount of water. If we aren’t wise with what we are given and replenish the world around us, no doubt we will perish and leave this world in disarray. 

It is NOT what we are marketed with that will replenish us. Never is… I wander sometimes….

As leaders, rulers, and citizens it seems that it’s forgotten that BEFORE we speak ill of anything – WE BEST PRAY FRIST. You’d rather be heard and be argumentatively right instead of humble and listen. People fought many battles and rose to a victorious position in life by first dropping to their knees. We just should remember this as well when we are on higher ground. I know for my own life this is the truth!

No, you don’t have to agree but you do NOT have to be rude. Let God judge the religious Pharisees, sinners, and people of all walks of life. Redemption can happen. For my own life, I appreciate that freedom more and more every day. It is between you and the Creator! Although, if you chose to share to edify others that may be in the same boat as you, it may help you find a release.

It’s not found in the left or the right (or vice versa). It’s not in taxations out the yin-yang. It’s not all your way or mine, but it is the Lord’s way that will prevail (whether you believe or not). 

One way or the other we will all find out.

If Saul, a killer and persecutor of Jesus followers, turns into Paul the famous preacher after coming to know (relationship) with the risen Jesus you can be changed to. If Rahab, a prostitute can become a key figure in women of faith for the Lord you can too.

Yes, today there are even some atheists like the late Antony Flew the most well-known philosopher that turned his views to believing in God. As well as an atheist scientist who now believes in God, Emil Silvestru that earned a Ph.D. in geology in Romania. Francis S. Collins came to faith through trying to disprove God. Astronomer and physicist Hugh Ross did rigorous scientific analysis that convinced him of the existence of God. Several more are switching to faith over theses. Just saying if some highly considered ‘smart’ people seek out to disprove God end up believing, there has to be something to it.  

We live in the land of religious freedoms knowing that there were persecutions that happened for people that believe differently. Freedom came with mistakes, sorrows, and hardships. Yes, there are extremists on every side of this equation. Along with the vast array of opinions. Again, our freedoms to have. Those that truly believed in Jesus did so not fighting with swords and forcing people, because that is the hardship they endured. Those that truly believed only use their faith and hope.  This is how you can tell religious rites from true followers of Jesus. 

We are quick to speak and have that freedom and expression as shown time after time today. Thank God for that freedom! Yet, we haven’t stopped to listen, learn, and make sure we are on the right path before we do. Remember, people gladly died to proclaim Jesus as Lord based on what they experienced when he walked the earth. Why would you be willing to die unless you experienced the real perfect love for yourself? Over 2000 years and still there are those that die because of their faith and refusal to deny Jesus. How many people now are really willing to do the same?

I don’t know why good people have to die and people that seem to follow after evil time after time still get to live. I don’t know why you question what you question. But I had my own questions too. For me, I still choose to know God. Things happen in this world that doesn’t make sense, but it isn’t all God’s fault either. People did without really listening to God first. Or thinking we listened to God but, we took the fancy ‘pretend’ light of Satan instead, or even misunderstood God’s way through our own comprehension vs God’s. 

Yes, God can defend himself at any time by any means. God is unlimited, it is us that put God in a box. By faith, God can make anything right out of a wrong even in a world that looks away from God. 

As a parent that corrects us some of us gently and at times with a little more strictness depending on the child’s waywardness, so does God. Discipline and self-control are not the enemies as people want to make it so. They are used to develop us into compassionate and loving human beings. 

Humbling yourself doesn’t mean to think so little of yourself that you’d rather die than to let God lift you up to His will. But you let your ego down so that God can work on you to let the best possible light come out. 

Just because you are in a lowly position in life right now, doesn’t mean that you will not lead something in the future.

It’s always best to keep hope alive regardless of what you see and feel. Sight and the mind can be fooled. Feeling change. However, what is true will not be changed or moved.  

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