anxiety is a bully

my anxiety creeps up on me

Like a fisted bully around the corner, ready to pounce.
I’m prepared, and walk forward but I’m not going anywhere.   It starts with an internal dialogue exhausting my every thought. Negativity and self-doubt are at a head as I listen to the endless self criticism:

“I’m not in good enough shape.”
“I’m not a good mother.”
“I’m not a good partner.”

“Blah, blah blah, I’ve heard it before”.

These words sting as I hear myself say them and I know that I shouldn’t listen. I should be strong and replace those thoughts with more positive, uplifting verbiage as I’ve been taught.

and so it begins


Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a psychological intervention that is the most widely used evidence-based practice for improving mental health  One of the basics of CBT is learning thought distortions. source: (Wiki)

– The second a negative or distorted thought presents itself we learn to apply new information processing and coping techniques.

What does this mean to us, the warriors?  Get ready for combat!

– Once you’ve identified your triggers,  question the validity of these thoughts. Instead of, “I feel like I’m a horrible mother.” 

– Take deep breaths and focus on the positive by substituting that distorted thought with “I’m a good mother who’s having a bad day”.

A common anxiety trait is predicting the worst case scenario or “blowing things out of proportion.”  For instance, “I’ve never ridden the bus in the morning before, what if I pass out?”  Rephrase with  “I’ve never passed out on the bus before, I won’t tomorrow.”

Like a bully, anxiety will try and dominate and intimidate.  It can be relentless and exhausting.

But you can do it.  Win the fight. 

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  1. TK Dennis 1 year ago

    A lot of people need to read this post. Im always enlightened by your posts Danielle. 💪🏽

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