I wonder.. How many of us formulate our own opinions?

Too many of us are told what we think from a young age.
Our guardians thrust their ideals down our throats until we believe what they think to be true.
No wonder we have such sick youth that crave an escape at all costs.
The means to which we find on the streets as regulation of harmless substances is still in effect.
Our youth are suffering; crying out for help, pleading to be heard.
If your skin is not white you’re ingrained with fear when seeing a police officer. If your skin is white you think, “Fuck it, I do what I want. No repercussions for me, right?”

This is an epidemic we must confront with peace and understanding.

Yes. All lives matter, but more importantly we should realize we are all the same on the inside.

Your body is merely a shell for the central nervous system, the chakras, the energy centers that are YOU to use. So why do we choose to see differences in one another; and then degrade the other person for being different?

Aren’t we all the same matter, the same energy expounded in billions of ways? We are all responsible for the atrocious acts that still exist in our “modern” world we have today. The racism, sexism, separatism- all our fault. We are the only ones who can fix it.

In America it’s easier to watch porn on your phone than to get some marijuana at the pharmacy. Why? Because there are certain powers that want us to disrespect ourselves so much our standards are lowered beyond what the bar can even fall to.
Money and power have monopolized our government and our populace.

Ladies nowadays wear the tightest, most scandalous outfits possible to merely feel beautiful, scratch that, sexy. Beauty is a standard we are lacking in tremendously. RESPECT is the biggest quality we have forgotten the meaning to. In order to get respect you must give it, not only to others, but to yourself first! You expect a man to respect you, want to create a life with you when you’re on social media showing your “goods” to everyone in the fucking world?

in order to get respect, you must give it

Newsflash, he ain’t going to respect you because YOU don’t respect you. I’m so over the stigma social media has attached to self worth.

We have children wearing makeup competing in pageants
We have teenagers selling their bodies for money and likes.
We have adults who are feeding on this, gaining notoriety and fame at the expense of our youth, our future, our next generation. It doesn’t take makeup, or the best weave, outfit, shoes to get noticed; to be loved and respected it takes courage and vulnerability. We view both as a character flaw. When did it become outrageous to cry in public, or to go to the supermarket in sweats and a t-shirt fresh outta bed?

Once again it comes back to US; we put these selfish, inhumane beings on a pedestal and used it as entertainment. Now we are facing dire times. When was the last time you did something and didn’t document it for a social media platform; I’ll wait.

Live your fucking life like it matters; Like you matter. Quit posting pictures at the beach with your ass out or tits on display if you don’t want to be sexualized. I hate to say it because it’s true, but, don’t complain about sexual comments and feedback when you’re posting softcore porn on the internet. It’s not the others persons fault, it’s yours. Your lack of self respect and desire for likes has demented your mind. As a society we must end the porn industry as it’s kidnapped our youths’ innocence and replaced it with hyper-sexual, and hyper-aggressive ideals. In some countries prostitution is legal and regulated- in these countries there is no sex-slavery industry and there is little to no rape or molestation felonies/misdemeanors.

America, I beg of you, as I am reaching the age of bringing life into this world to either do better or own up to your shit. We aren’t the land of the free- We’re the land of the medicated, the incarcerated, the abused neglected and disrespected. We learn in school and from our parents that we should be thankful we live in such a wonderful country, but where is the data to support these claims? There is none because the United States of America is an abomination to mankind and we need to do better.

It starts with us; by putting our foot down to the crazy entertainment industry that feeds on power and control. We must find respect for ourselves and quit lowering and demeaning ourselves in order to live well in this country. There are so many alternatives to thirst trapping, to violence, to drug abuse and it starts with you; You decide, “Is this the life i want to live?” Take a look at your core beliefs and reconfigure, we can do better and we will.

America? Nah, American’t.

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  1. TK Dennis 7 months ago

    For some reason I didn’t see this until now. but Jordan, this is a brilliant post. For real.

    Great stuff. Can’t agree more.

  2. Kate Louise 7 months ago

    This deserved to be published in a magazine, or hell, front page of a newspaper.


    Cheers to inspiration!

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