The Pendulum Swing

It seems crazy to think one can live a balanced life these days. However, it is possible! The truth of life is balanced. A game of the pendulum swing. It is good, it is bad and somewhere in between. The yin-yang. You’d think that with all that separated it is hard to find balance.

it is probably best to take things away that don’t give you the balanced life.

First, take out of yourself the things that cause the instability, to begin with. This usually begins within. However, it could be outside sources that cause unsteadiness. If you look at the photo placed below in this chapter. You see the delicate arrangement of these rocks. Maybe you see it, maybe you don’t. What many fail to realize is the smaller rocks underneath helping the balance. So instead of taking a big slice out of your life for the sake of balance, make sure you can’t put a shim in its place to keep it balanced. It is the little things in life that help us define our moments. Finding balance is not in the extremes.

Life is always in balance between extremes, being between the dashes, within you. Finding what the dashes mean for you within life and the balancing of things that come your way. Within the dashes is also without too much attachment towards the odds. I know that is a hard concept for some. With all the highs and lows within the teeter totter of life, to live this moment.

My highs are not your highs, nor my lows your lows. Regardless, there is meaning, heartache, and lessons. With these experiences, we have the connection and knowledge to share with others that may be going through the same things. This ability helps to ease someone else’s burdens a bit by sharing it’s all worth the ride. Integrating all the facets of the odds in life is what makes us unique. I’ve come to realize that the spirit within you, tells you what you have already in the moment. The mind, when not in balance with spirit, tells you that you need something in order to be whole. That is the greatest lie we tell ourselves. We all experience one version of the balance or the other throughout our lives.

In the learning, everything in life, keep with the flow and living life without an etched in a stone script. Mediate the stories that come in your path. There are two sides to every story and the third is somewhere in the middle.

keep an open viewpoint

Perspective thought ahead, maybe you can relate. You can see a mountain or lake or ocean a hundred times. Though it is beautiful right there in the moment. We take mental pictures of its beauty. Let’s just play pretend for a minute; you have taken a photo of the spot you might find peace in. There is movement all around, different times of the day or the weather changes you see something in your viewpoint change. Even if you stood still. You might move, crawl, or lay down just to get a different viewpoint and discover a new way of looking at the same vision before you. Even though our viewpoints and conditions change the image it never stops being what it is.

When you move, do, and get to that place of the inner you, only then you begin to see a new side to this word called peace. Life is the same way both with inspiration and with things that upset us. We need to move to see that the object in a different light.

It is true to listen and not be fooled by all the voices in your head. Not all the voices in your head are in your best interest. (Note, anxiety driven voices always lean to fear.) What is the opposite of fear? Bravery! There will be moments that creep up, that stir you to a quick to anger mood. Centering yourself during these moments is essential to the balance needed from mood swings. If I, a redheaded woman, can find the center of anger, anyone can. Not all anger is bad, it can be a motivation to do better. Equilibriums of one’s mind at play.

For those that are control freaks out there; let that crap go! The situations around you are there, whatever they are, you may not be able to balance all that. You can control only what comes at you and how you handle it. If what is out of your control comes directly at you, defend and stand strong. Don’t always flee, some things you hit head-on will be better in the long run. Just not the flying table when there is a windstorm or tornado, yes run and flees on that. Just stop running from the things you can change for yourself.

keeping yourself balanced is a daily activity

Using self-control find that sweet spot within your own lives. As it is in a balanced way of eating, aka the food pyramid. Those that love carbs and sweets but don’t eat greens or vegetables may not have the healthiest doctor’s reports.

Due to limited beliefs, you think you have to be one way or another, extreme. Just the same can be said for self-esteem. You can have confidence and not be conceited. The conceit is not attractive. Authenticity with confidence is very attractive quality in human beings. You can be humble, not speak ill of yourself or too much of yourself.

Compassionate ways of humanity are there. Though, it’s becoming a bit of a search. I have seen compassionate people. Hopefully, the narcissists haven’t used them up before real good can be done. Just a side note, not everyone that takes selfies is a narcissist. They may be using the photos to find their own inner strength. If you use photos to hurt someone else, well maybe that wouldn’t be the greatest use of anyone’s time.

it’s all perspective

Keeping everything locked in isn’t good for your soul either. I am human and can only take so much negativity before I explode. The balance of being angry will change and flow to become laughter again. It helps that this where the self-control – breathe comes in. See! It can be just that easy. You may let it build up without saying anything and you can choose to let someone else control you or you regain control of yourself. Or you are the type that says everything they think. Whichever the case may be, there are healthy ways to release frustrations, anger, and sadness.

be gentle and firm with yourself

This is a delicate line and only you know how to navigate through each side getting into a more balanced state. A positive mental attitude is both invigorating and rewarding. Positive thinking takes practice and patience. It will affect your thinking, strengthen your relationships, and improve your quality of life. No matter what comes your way or even thoughts that come to cloud you, remember to let them pass. Observe without judgment, without labels, without grabbing onto them. Feelings come and go, let them. They are not to stay; what stays is the true self.

When I used to be in goal setting situations, I was not being able to see what I vision my future to be. If asked, where do I see myself in five years? I used to chuckle and say I don’t know, life has a way of changing it anyway. That was my idea of going with the flow or living a life unscripted. So, if you are at that place, I encourage you. “Used to” is the key factor. I envision all kinds of positive things. Yes, I do realize life changes. Mostly just with adjustments. I do see a better vision for myself in five years, ten years, and longer.

Is everything black and white for me? No! I wouldn’t want it to be. As stated in the introduction of this book, I enjoy every facet of color and variations of each. I see the beauty of the unknown and known alike.

Dwelling on what you think your life lacks does not benefit you. Instead, pay attention to what’s going right. You might stumble and still know that you’ll be okay. You learn, act, and remember that you already have all that you need. Recognize what you’re doing well, instead of letting the past haunt you on what you did wrong. The things you did are lessons learned and you strive to make it better for you.

remove all the negative on what you think life lacks

If you think “lack”, it will only make you depressed, make you harbor bitterness, and keep you in lack. Until you use that to move you into making positive changes in your pendulum swing. So, focus on the greatness and gratitude all around you! This is just a small step away from what we dwell on in lack, will make a multitude of difference in ourselves.

Maybe if we stop judging each other, see each other in the raw forms and just get to know one another as we are. Finding the balance between us all – as I said before, we all bleed red. Forget the clothes we wear, hairstyles, house size, makeup, vehicles, degrees, titles, and see the personality of another without all the substances. Once you see someone for who they are character-wise; this can change your whole perspective of humans as a whole. No need to overcompensate for the lack of character flaws. As I’ve experienced, it shows all by itself. I don’t have to be accompanying to that or take any of that into my own personal space.

Know when to shout
Know when to be silent
Know when to forgive, and ask for forgiveness yourself.
Know when to stand
Know when to walk away

Oh my, that sounds like the Kenny Rogers song ‘The Gambler’. Haha. Everything may seem to occur or may seem too still. Be conscious, yet not consumed. Know that whatever if you are still breathing, keep going. Feel the emotion and let it pass. The more you suppress emotions, the more lack of  “bleace”  you will have. The balance in knowing where to unleash the emotions, that we all personally do need to work on. Work in progress, we are.

What I’m able to experience in this life is truly amazing.
Do I know everything? No!
Have I learned a lot from the life? Yes!
Every messed up and beautiful moment, in balance. I remain in a state of astonishment. These moments of balance within the extremes are not just about where your perspectives are. Know that perspectives change in the moment, into truth and settle the spirit.

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